Transfers now open from Nostalrius to Elysium

Follow the instructions below, and it will transfer your Nostalrius accounts to a new Elysium account for the new server launch.


Official registration and transfer
We will not be taking direct ownership of the existing Nostalrius database, but are transferring your characters from Nostalrius to Elysium. We have thought long and hard in conjunction with the Nostalrius admins on how best to perform the transfer process prioritizing the security of your personal information and ease of access. The reason for doing it this way is so that we never have access to your Nostalrius account’s private info, and there is no chance of anyone else getting a hold of it either. Let’s take a look at the steps in which the transfer takes place:

— Create a new account on Elysium website.
— Verify your email to go any further.
> Transfer your Nostalrius characters:
— Obtaining a character token: Visit the Nostalrius Website and generate a token using either your username
and password or username and email. If you choose the username & email option, the token will be generated to your email.
— Copy the token.
— Open the control panel while logged in to your Elysium account, and select the Nostalrius Transfer option.
— Enter the token.
> Transfer your Elysium characters:
— Go to the Elysium transfer page in your control panel.
— Enter your old account’s username and password or username and email.
Again. the latter will give you a transfer link in your inbox.

Please note that you cannot transfer characters from multiple accounts to one Elysium account.
Each token will require a unique Elysium account.

Last week
As we enter the last week leading to the release of the Nostalrius realms, we will disclose all information gradually in the follow schedule:

— Monday: Registration & transfer at 18:00 GMT+1
— Tuesday: Financial state
— Wednesday: Timelime to Naxxramas
— Thursday: Patch Notes
— Friday: final Terms of Use

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