Guess who’s back, back again

Hello everyone, December 17th is the official release date of the Old Nostalrius PvP realm.  Are you excited yet? You should be excited …

Moving forward with this release date, we WILL BE RAIDING the following Tuesday, December 20th at 8pm EST. It appears they are going to set the weekly maintenance around the same time as they had on Nostalrius, so it shouldn’t interfere with our raid times at all. So we will be maintaining the Tuesday/Wednesday raid schedule going forward.

I would like to take this time to make a couple of announcements:

  1. Mystgunner has been promoted to the position of officer, and will be a part of the 5 person Loot Council team.
  2. Rezwalker has been promoted to Warlock Class Leader, and will supervise and help maximize output and performance by our warlock core.
  3. In the forums under general guild discussion, I have posted a list of the current roster make up we can expect going forward from day one of the Nostalrius relaunch. We are looking, very very good in terms of returning members, and members I’ve been able to contact and recruit from the Elysium forums.

That’s pretty much it. We are planning to start right where we left off, pushing to be the best US guild on the server, and pushing to be better every raid week. You will still be required to come prepared to raids with full consumables, and for speed runs full progression consumables. These lists will be posted in your class forum and you will be expected to abide by these lists.

Expect to see more information on the forums through the next couple of weeks.


See you all soon in game,


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