Here we go!

After the meeting we had on Friday the 11th, there was plenty of interest in making a strong comeback on the new releasing Elysium/Nostalrius reboot of the PvP server we all played on. <Echo> will start where it left off in MC/Ony/BWL clears, and prepare for the release of the war effort and the AQ Gate openings.


For new players that wish to become a part of this elite and close group of players, please fill out an application in the tab at the top of this page, as well as register for the forums, and we will begin the process with you. For now that process will be mostly verbal, and if you have any logs from other private servers, or information from Nost, taking that into account as well.


We are currently actively recruiting all players that would like to raid our times, as there will be turnover from previous players not making a comeback. So please take the time to fill out the application.


We will be raiding the same times we decided to change to moving to the TBC server, which is as follows

Tuesday 8-12pm EST

Wednesday 8-12pm EST


Thank you for your time,


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