The Resurrection of Echo!

As many of you know, the news of Nostalrius merging servers with Elysium has been announced. Thus bringing hope to thousands that their once beloved server would be coming back in full force for all to enjoy once again.


So, down to the nitty gritty, there will be a meeting on Friday, November 11th at 7pm EST for all <Echo> Guild members on the Echo TeamSpeak. There we will discuss the future of the guild coming back to the relaunched server as well as the raid times and days that we are all comfortable with.


I understand a lot of people have mostly moved on, but I want you to imagine the possibility of <Echo> rising from the ashes to take its place back on top of the hill on the Vanilla raiding scene. With everyone we came to love playing with over the course of Nostalrius’s life, and over the course of Echo’s creation, and it’s thriving time at the end of the servers life. I’m not going to lie, a lot of this hinges on the possibility of us getting the majority of the core of the guild back together. For me that is what matters most, is being able to play with you all again.


So I hope to see you on Teamspeak Friday the 11th at 7pm EST, for a meeting to discuss the future of <Echo>. Also, there is a new forum up that I had to re-do because we were getting overwhelmed by Russian spammers that were doing over 50gigs of bandwith usage from their spam. So please go re-register using your IN GAME NAME to the forums.


Thank you for reading,


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