State of the Union


With the recent abysmal status of many of the TBC servers that have released, or been out for over a year with no new scripted content, there is finally a light at the end of our tunnel! Looking4Group, a German local private TBC server, has decided to release an international realm that the rest of the players yearning for a good BC server to play on. After extensive testing on Vengeance, and extensive testing on Looking4Group, we’ve decided, and it seems that the majority of the Nost refugees as well as the PlayTBC and Vengeance people, have moved to the new L4G international server.


We have been leveling there now for a few days, and the quests are almost perfectly scripted, as well as from their German server, the raids and dungeons/heroics are all scripted extremely well.

This is the website to register an account, make sure you register on the .eu server and change your realmlist appropriately.

See you in game,


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