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And then there was two

Once again <Echo> has freakish luck by again seeing back to back bindings now in the Molten Core alt run. Cstrike is now the proud owner of [Memestrike, of the Hitit Seeker] and Echo is now a double Thunderfury guild! Excellent timing with AQ mere days away. Hit it!

A Gnome and his Binding.

Tale of the Binding – A raider’s perspective

It was our second week within the molten core. Our raid consisted of rusty raiders, afk pugs, and a battle chicken who provided little to no benefit but was at least entertaining. After acquiring every buff known to man, most of the raid was killed in an unfortunate double pull of Lucifron and corehounds. I of course quickly vanished and laughed at the poor souls, only to be later burned alive by Magmadar. Suffice to say, the guild had a lot of work ahead of it. However, with our addiction to Vanilla Wow being at this point incurable, we ventured on wiping again when a molten giant pack pulled half the instance in what can only be described as hard mode molten core. However, if there is one truth about Wow, it is that often times a raid that deserves nothing more than to have their characters deleted is given a reward that is unjustified. I threw up in my mouth when Baron Geddon unloaded his fiery binding into a fucking gnome warrior’s bag.

Of course next week the raid went smoothly, the admins fixed the content and the raid was given great loot which was of course won by pugs. At this point members began to turn on one another, tea bagging corpses and banning all use of the gnomish shrink ray. It was under these conditions that a magical event occurred. With molten core resetting on Wednesday our raid once again prepared to enter the Firelord’s lair hoping beyond hope that our sad performance would be rewarded with yet another binding. The game masters and developers, sensing our overwhelming luck would attempt to stop this apocalyptic event by physically disabling our ability to logon to their server before the reset deadline. However, some of us who at this point can only be described as masochists, decided to stay online in the hopes that the server came back up. I can only assume that one of the developers died and in doing so collapsed upon the server, bringing it back to life. At approximately 10:00 central, we began to assemble the most ragtag bunch of scrubs the server had ever seen. Hoping to kill Garr and Geddon we raced through the instance with more purpose then the guild had ever shown before. With Garr about to die, many were calling for the binding to drop, effectively jinxing any chance for us to receive it. With a last ditch effort a unknown rogue hero declared that the raid had jinxed the boss by putting their greed on display, thereby dispelling the jinx and allowing the second stone binding to drop. At this point the rest of the raid became a blur as people garroted sheep targets and generally played terribly.

Congratulations to Zaelix and his lucky gnomish ass


Written by Evan.


Authentication server

The Authentication server is acting funny, if you can try to spam login, and do so very early as to be online in time for raid invites and buffs. 

Login Que

There’s typically a pretty decent login Que for the server, so make sure you start logging in early for raids tonight!



Transfers now open from Nostalrius to Elysium

Follow the instructions below, and it will transfer your Nostalrius accounts to a new Elysium account for the new server launch.


Official registration and transfer
We will not be taking direct ownership of the existing Nostalrius database, but are transferring your characters from Nostalrius to Elysium. We have thought long and hard in conjunction with the Nostalrius admins on how best to perform the transfer process prioritizing the security of your personal information and ease of access. The reason for doing it this way is so that we never have access to your Nostalrius account’s private info, and there is no chance of anyone else getting a hold of it either. Let’s take a look at the steps in which the transfer takes place:

— Create a new account on Elysium website.
— Verify your email to go any further.
> Transfer your Nostalrius characters:
— Obtaining a character token: Visit the Nostalrius Website and generate a token using either your username
and password or username and email. If you choose the username & email option, the token will be generated to your email.
— Copy the token.
— Open the control panel while logged in to your Elysium account, and select the Nostalrius Transfer option.
— Enter the token.
> Transfer your Elysium characters:
— Go to the Elysium transfer page in your control panel.
— Enter your old account’s username and password or username and email.
Again. the latter will give you a transfer link in your inbox.

Please note that you cannot transfer characters from multiple accounts to one Elysium account.
Each token will require a unique Elysium account.

Last week
As we enter the last week leading to the release of the Nostalrius realms, we will disclose all information gradually in the follow schedule:

— Monday: Registration & transfer at 18:00 GMT+1
— Tuesday: Financial state
— Wednesday: Timelime to Naxxramas
— Thursday: Patch Notes
— Friday: final Terms of Use

Guess who’s back, back again

Hello everyone, December 17th is the official release date of the Old Nostalrius PvP realm.  Are you excited yet? You should be excited …

Moving forward with this release date, we WILL BE RAIDING the following Tuesday, December 20th at 8pm EST. It appears they are going to set the weekly maintenance around the same time as they had on Nostalrius, so it shouldn’t interfere with our raid times at all. So we will be maintaining the Tuesday/Wednesday raid schedule going forward.

I would like to take this time to make a couple of announcements:

  1. Mystgunner has been promoted to the position of officer, and will be a part of the 5 person Loot Council team.
  2. Rezwalker has been promoted to Warlock Class Leader, and will supervise and help maximize output and performance by our warlock core.
  3. In the forums under general guild discussion, I have posted a list of the current roster make up we can expect going forward from day one of the Nostalrius relaunch. We are looking, very very good in terms of returning members, and members I’ve been able to contact and recruit from the Elysium forums.

That’s pretty much it. We are planning to start right where we left off, pushing to be the best US guild on the server, and pushing to be better every raid week. You will still be required to come prepared to raids with full consumables, and for speed runs full progression consumables. These lists will be posted in your class forum and you will be expected to abide by these lists.

Expect to see more information on the forums through the next couple of weeks.


See you all soon in game,


Here we go!

After the meeting we had on Friday the 11th, there was plenty of interest in making a strong comeback on the new releasing Elysium/Nostalrius reboot of the PvP server we all played on. <Echo> will start where it left off in MC/Ony/BWL clears, and prepare for the release of the war effort and the AQ Gate openings.


For new players that wish to become a part of this elite and close group of players, please fill out an application in the tab at the top of this page, as well as register for the forums, and we will begin the process with you. For now that process will be mostly verbal, and if you have any logs from other private servers, or information from Nost, taking that into account as well.


We are currently actively recruiting all players that would like to raid our times, as there will be turnover from previous players not making a comeback. So please take the time to fill out the application.


We will be raiding the same times we decided to change to moving to the TBC server, which is as follows

Tuesday 8-12pm EST

Wednesday 8-12pm EST


Thank you for your time,


The Resurrection of Echo!

As many of you know, the news of Nostalrius merging servers with Elysium has been announced. Thus bringing hope to thousands that their once beloved server would be coming back in full force for all to enjoy once again.


So, down to the nitty gritty, there will be a meeting on Friday, November 11th at 7pm EST for all <Echo> Guild members on the Echo TeamSpeak. There we will discuss the future of the guild coming back to the relaunched server as well as the raid times and days that we are all comfortable with.


I understand a lot of people have mostly moved on, but I want you to imagine the possibility of <Echo> rising from the ashes to take its place back on top of the hill on the Vanilla raiding scene. With everyone we came to love playing with over the course of Nostalrius’s life, and over the course of Echo’s creation, and it’s thriving time at the end of the servers life. I’m not going to lie, a lot of this hinges on the possibility of us getting the majority of the core of the guild back together. For me that is what matters most, is being able to play with you all again.


So I hope to see you on Teamspeak Friday the 11th at 7pm EST, for a meeting to discuss the future of <Echo>. Also, there is a new forum up that I had to re-do because we were getting overwhelmed by Russian spammers that were doing over 50gigs of bandwith usage from their spam. So please go re-register using your IN GAME NAME to the forums.


Thank you for reading,


State of the Union


With the recent abysmal status of many of the TBC servers that have released, or been out for over a year with no new scripted content, there is finally a light at the end of our tunnel! Looking4Group, a German local private TBC server, has decided to release an international realm that the rest of the players yearning for a good BC server to play on. After extensive testing on Vengeance, and extensive testing on Looking4Group, we’ve decided, and it seems that the majority of the Nost refugees as well as the PlayTBC and Vengeance people, have moved to the new L4G international server.


We have been leveling there now for a few days, and the quests are almost perfectly scripted, as well as from their German server, the raids and dungeons/heroics are all scripted extremely well.

This is the website to register an account, make sure you register on the .eu server and change your realmlist appropriately.

See you in game,